We have a ROBOT

What happens when you take computer programmers and throw them into the financial markets? You get A.I. based trade ideas that predict the movements of the ever-changing financial markets.

Sooo I looked back at my history on my TDA account, at the start of the year I had $260 in my account which is right after i blew up my account. After I blew it up I joined Nexus, I started to learn and work my way back up slowly. I am $100 away from 10k as of today…. The next few screen shots are just from this week. Thanks @Tom.com @UNITED @Nexus Masterand team for all your guidance.”


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Nexus Trading is the best team you can have on your side when it comes to trading. Just a couple of months ago I did not know anything about stocks and still have a long way to go yet here I am having made almost 3k in a week all with the help of this amazing team. I can say with confidence that whether you’re an amateur or an expert you can benefit significantly from Nexus trading especially if you’re an amateur like me.”


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Since I’ve joined this group, I’ve learned so much. Not only will nexus and the team provide you with signals on trades, but more importantly the Team, the family will assist you in any way they can and provide you guidance, and the knowledge to grow and becoming the successful trader you strive to be.The tools and resources,and relationships you build here will always be available to you If you choose to give us a chance.Stay positive, and have fun, this is your first step to financial freedom.I hope to see you in the chat rooms and seminars we have.Let us go get this money, TOGETHER!!”

Iron Hands

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