Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

Updated January 31, 2022

Terms of Service

No refunds. No Exceptions. Access to the digital information within our discord is nonrefundable. Cancellations requested will be processed automatically by Stripe or PayPal payment processor at the end of the current billing cycle. You will not be billed after this time. Access to our discord chat means you accept these terms of service.

General Disclaimer

Nexus Investments LLC would like to remind you that the sole purpose of our Discord chat room and our services are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here should be taken as financial advice or recommendations. You are responsible for your own trades, investments, and money. Members of this server are encouraged to trade with defined risk which is money that will not leave a considerable or major impact on your financial obligations. Past results do not ensure or indicate what future performance will bring. Our content should never, under any circumstance, express or imply promise or guarantee. We are not to be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of what you see or use from our server or services. Traders are expected to be knowledgable towards risk management strategies to protect their capital. Information found and posted on our Discord server are obtained from sources believed to be trustworthy and reliable. A buy-to-open order indicates to market participants that the trader is establishing a new position rather than closing out an existing position. The sell-to close order is used to exit a position taken with a buy-to-open order. Owners, analysts, and members of Nexus Investments LLC are not encouraging you to duplicate their orders. They are sharing to you their own trade ideas and should be observed as a way to learn to trade.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires the following legal notices: All material presented within Nexus Investments LLC is not to be regarded as investment advice, but for general informational purposes only. Trading does involve risk, so caution must always be utilized. We cannot guarantee profits or freedom from loss. You are solely responsible for making your own investment decisions. Owners of Nexus Investments LLC, its representatives, its principals, its moderators, and its members, are NOT registered as securities broke-dealers or investment advisors either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or with any state securities regulatory authority. We recommend consulting with a registered investment advisor, broker-dealer, and/or financial advisor. If you choose to invest with or without seeking advice from such an advisor or entity, then any consequences resulting from your investments are your sole responsibility. By joining and taking part in Nexus Investments LLC or using our content, you are indicating your consent and agreement to our disclaimer.


Analyst Service Disclaimer

Analyst listed have been verified and proven worthy of providing training and mentorship through continuous performance in the Nexus Trading Room. Any training provided by an Analyst does not guarantee you success in trading. These teachings are insights provided through past experiences and what they studied & accomplished to become successful. All analysts are active trading daily so verify it is the type of style of trading you prefer to learn before paying for training. Analyst and customer are responsible for contacting each other and any training not conducted is not the fault of Nexus Investments LLC. Please request refund through your PayPal/Venmo payment processor against the analysts PayPal/Venmo account. These training sessions are separate from Nexus Discords Membership services. Click the Join Nexus Discord below if you are not a member.

Any and all advise given by an analyst follow the guidelines shown in our General Disclaimer section. Nexus Investments LLC is not liable for any losses procured as a result of coaching.

It is the responsibility of the consumer to verify any coaching requests with the analyst within the Nexus Investments LLC Discord group. Nexus Investments LLC is not liable for any monies lost outside of the Nexus Investments LLC domain.

Newsletter Sign Up Disclaimer

By signing up for our newsletter via form on the NexusInvestment.info website, you agree to allow Nexus Investments LLC to send you e-mails. The emails follow the disclaimer as described in the General Disclaimer section of these terms and conditions. As a reminder, the newsletters and any information provided by Nexus Investments LLC and its associated members are to be used for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as financial advice or recommendations. Readers of the news letter are responsible for their own trades, investments, and money.